Food-Processing Plants

Clean even what cannot be seen.

We have been perfecting our sanitation techniques every day for now over 30 years in order to attain the standards of the most rigorous industries.

Our promise

Because reputation is not the only thing that sticks.

The agri-food world was already a scrupulously-observed industry in terms of hygiene. These days it goes without saying that only the businesses with the highest sanitary standards will be able to last over time.

Sanitize is better than cure.

Popular services

Windows & facades

Domus | Building Maintenance

It serves nothing to have the nicest view in town if your windows are dirty. Have them cleaned by the experts today.

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Cleaning of machines

Domus | Building Maintenance

Free your mechanical units of debris.

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Heights Sanitation

Domus | Building Maintenance

Nothing is unreachable. Everything can be cleaned.

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An approach before being a service

Clean and orderly all the way to behind the scenes of our company.

  • Staff
    A trusted staff, continually trained and specialized in the assigned tasks. No more having to hire and manage your own janitorial staff.
  • Inspection Reports
    We adopt new methods to better support you. Benefit from our system of inspection reports which allow for a constant and exact follow-up.
  • Satisfaction
    Your satisfaction is paramount. We'll take care of you as if you were family starting from the first contact.

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"I'm taking the time to communicate my appreciation of the Domus Company for the housekeeping of our office building."
Based on our inspection average.
"The work is invariable impeccable. The team is reliable, always available."
We'll never recommend them enough. If you're looking for a conscientious team, you need Domus."
"When my clients arrive at our office, it breathes confidence and enthusiasm."
"We didn't expect so clean, so quick. A thousand thanks."

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Food-Processing Plants

Here are some of the most frequent questions from our clientele and people who wish to join our ranks. If you still have queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Do you supply personnel with skills specific to my industry?

We have staff with multiple skills. Our teams benefit from continued training and, if needed, preparatory training at the initiation of a new contract. Moreover, we have staff already skilled in cleaning, the handling and use of chemical products, workplace safety, working in enclosed and high places, as well as in several other specialties.

How do your prices compare with the competitors?

Despite our priority of quality above all, our prices are among the most competitive on the market. Put us to the test!

What is your capacity? How many employees can you supply?

heoretically no contract is too big. Naturally there can be a slight delay to anticipate for the initiation of a contract needing more than 75 employees.