Choosing Domus for your commercial maintenance is investing in the well-being and reputation of your company.

Cleanliness has rapidly become one of the key values of our society. Whether it be for complying with norms or simply to assure the well-being of your employees, trust us to clean your spaces.

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Industry no.1

Food-Processing Plants


Cleaning is vital in the agri-food sector. Do not worry, we'll watch over it to the particule.

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Industry no.2

Car Dealerships


Make sure that coming to your dealership is like getting into a new car: with a smile on your face.

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Industrie no.3

Buildings & Shops


Entrust your building's needs to a local team with more than 30 years of experience.

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Industrie no.4



A mere contingency can bring the gears of your operations to a halt. Our processes leave nothing to chance.

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Let our team make your haven shine. Let our team make your haven shine. Let our team make your haven shine. Let our team make your haven shine.

We have been practicing sanitary measures since well before 1991.

Your employees' time is precious, as is their morale. To keep your business healthy, provide your staff with clean premises that will make them feel like part of a pampered team.
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Cleaner than clean.

Sometimes we don't clean just to please the eye. When they attack in the microscopic world it's another story. Make sure you do business with the cleaning professionals for your sensitve coatings.

Thinking about getting your air ducts cleaned?

Whether you need to do the complete maintenance of your ventilation system or simply remove a spreading odor, we are the go-to team in the province.

For better or for clean.

We exist to make your day-to-day lighter, to honor the toil which has given life to your spaces, and to share it with the people who set foot there.

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Try our services right away.

We know that for many, lip service isn't worth as much as work well done. Feel like trying out our services without commitment?

Make a reservation for one of our services on-demand or contact us to get more information about our trial periods. If walls have ears, your premises will talk about themselves.

"I'm taking the time to communicate my appreciation of the Domus Company for the housekeeping of our office building."
Based on our inspection average.
"The work is invariable impeccable. The team is reliable, always available."
We'll never recommend them enough. If you're looking for a conscientious team, you need Domus."
"When my clients arrive at our office, it breathes confidence and enthusiasm."
"We didn't expect so clean, so quick. A thousand thanks."

What's the use of having a nice view if the windows are dirty?

A surface as clear as a window can be difficult cleaning. Show your clients and employees that details make all the difference by trusting us to make your windows impeccable all the time.

What if we made you feel like eating off your floors?

For you, your floors serve as much as surfaces as for creating an optimal buying experience for your clients. Why not have them scrubbed by a team with more than 30 years of experience.

Your parking areas should make people feel like arriving at work.

Parking lots are too often forgotten about by their owners and can quickly become unclean or uninviting. Keep yours like new and give a smile to those who park there.

Your construction site doesn't have to become a battle field.

Does your team work well and hard but everything rapidly becomes chaotic? Having an ally who cleans up and organizes after you can increase your efficiency and avoid you fines.

Are your spaces prepared for flames?

It's uncontestable: We never think about fire extinguishers untiil the day when we really need them. Insure the condition of yours by having them tested and replaced regularly.

Not yet certain that we offer the janitorial services you're looking for?

Need a janitorial service that you don't see? If it's about commercial cleaning we can take care of it. Don't hesitate to ask us!