Manufacturing plants

Never compromise the efficiency of a well-oiled machine.

We position ourselves as experts in the sanitary support of production giants in Canada. We understand the issues of our clients and we bend to make room for performance.

Our promise

Cleanliness increases productivity.

Factories are active places where accumulation and wear can violate codes and slow the parts of the system. Make no sacrifice by entrusting the cleaning of your building to a seasoned team of experts.

Impeccable; without compromise.

Popular services

Windows & facades

Domus | Building Maintenance

It serves nothing to have the nicest view in town if your windows are dirty. Have them cleaned by the experts today.

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Daily Maintenance

Domus | Building Maintenance

Stop at nothing to stay at the top of your game.

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Ventilation ducts

Domus | Building Maintenance

Complete cleaning of your ventilation ducts.

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An approach before being a service

Clean and orderly all the way to behind the scenes of our company.

  • Staff
    A trusted staff, continually trained and specialized in the assigned tasks. No more having to hire and manage your own janitorial staff.
  • Inspection Reports
    We adopt new methods to better support you. Benefit from our system of inspection reports which allow for a constant and exact follow-up.
  • Satisfaction
    Your satisfaction is paramount. We'll take care of you as if you were family starting from the first contact.

« Je n’avais jamais vu de locaux aussi propres. J’étais juste content que ce soient les nôtres. »

"I'm taking the time to communicate my appreciation of the Domus Company for the housekeeping of our office building."
Based on our inspection average.
"The work is invariable impeccable. The team is reliable, always available."
We'll never recommend them enough. If you're looking for a conscientious team, you need Domus."
"When my clients arrive at our office, it breathes confidence and enthusiasm."
"We didn't expect so clean, so quick. A thousand thanks."

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Manufacturing plants

Here are some of the most frequent questions from our clientele and people who wish to join our ranks. If you still have queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Do you make inspection reports?

We understand the importance of our work to the proper functioning and safety of your factories. All our customers receive inspection reports of the work carried out. You can choose how often and how much detail you want to see in them.

How are prices calculated?

In the case of factories, our rates are calculated by the hour depending on the time required to accomplish the cleaning tasks you desire.