Do you like physical work?

The Domus Group is always looking for skilled manpower who have the desire to dedicate themselves and have our clients enjoy our guarantee of quality as well as our superior services.

Have the chance to set foot into the universe of one of the nicest companies from here.

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For better or for clean.

We exist to make your daily life lighter, honor the hard work that has given life to your spaces, and have the people who set foot there fully enjoy it.

Accumulate rewards, become shareholders with us.

We believe that people who put their heart and soul into their work deserve to be rewarded to the full extent of their labor. It's the reason why working with us, among other things, is to participate in a unique rewards program that even lets you become the owner of shares in the company.

Make your own schedule.

Our clients always ask for more. In other terms, we'll take what you have to offer! Need overtime? Feel like granting yourself a week's respite? Make your own schedule and we'll conduct you to good port.

*A minimum of weekly hours is guaranteed to our permanent employees.

For those who disdain telework.

As far as we know, the pixels of our screens are not yet liable to be soiled. We adore working with those who see themselves in the heat of action and know how to share space with their team.

Entrepreneurial leaders from here.

Whether you like working surrounded by luxury cars or in the heart of the technological circuits of the largest companies in the province, we propose to you a diversified portfolio of environments and universes to discover. 

* Luxury cars not included.
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